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Forget your BSB and Account Number. Simple As.


It’s only human to have the occassional goldfish moment – especially when it comes to things like remembering numbers. A couple of phone numbers is hard enough, but forget it when it comes to bank details like BSBs and Account Numbers. Fortunately, that’s where PayID comes in. 

PayID is part of a once in a generation modernization of Australia’s financial system.  We were challenged with launching the somewhat complicated offering to an Australian public who aren’t exactly known for being highly engaged in the inner-workings of the payment system. And all while keeping happy the 13 competitive owners/stakeholders who were drawn from some of Australia’s largest financial institutions.


Harnessing a simple mnemonic device in a goldfish – already associated with ‘challenged memory moments’ – that counterintuitively humanised the memory challenge that PayID eliminates. The appeal of the arresting visual meant it was was adopted by all 13 participants and supported through their owned channels, providing PayID with unprecedented exposure.


– Over 2,000 media mentions in the launch week

– 200,000 registrations in the first 2 weeks of the campaign

– Over 2 million PayID registrations so far. 

PayID. Simple as.