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The challenge

In a crazily competitive market place, how do you reverse a decline in sales following a price rise – especially when everyone else is dropping their price to maintain share? Optimum Drinking Temperature Sensors – an original Mr Wolf proactive idea – not only turned around the decline, but drove a sales increase to such an extent it won a 2016 Effie Award, Best Innovation and Best Ad Campaign at the Australian Drinks Awards, helped Taylors win Marketing Team of the Year at the AMIA Awards as well as being a finalist at the Mumbrella and CommsCon Awards.

The Story

Australia has a great climate for growing wine, but unfortunately not such a great climate for drinking wine. That’s because 82% of us drink red wine at room temperature – largely unaware that the recommendation to drink reds at room temperature – or ‘a chambres’ – actually originated in the chilly drawing rooms of medieval France. A good 6°C cooler than modern homes, it means we’re drinking reds far too warm. And anyone who’s drunk a warm beer knows that temperature affects flavour.

Experts prefer red wine lightly chilled because it helps to bring out the subtle flavours that are obscured by alcohol at higher temperatures. So we created the idea of including optimum drinking temperature sensors on bottles of Taylors Wines, allowing drinkers to know when their favourite drink was ready to enjoy as the way the winemaker intended. And because each grape is best at slightly different temperatures, each of these sensors was tuned to the bottle they were on.

Try a bottle with a sensor on it and you might never drink wine the same way again. And helping 8 out of 10 Australians enjoy their wine more? We’ll drink to that!

Our campaign spanned PR, digital advertising, XML Temperature banners, social media, branded content, outdoor, radio, print and extensive POS.


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