Skins – Cheat Legal

The challenge

When your competitive set includes the likes of Nike and Adidas, you know you’re going to need to find your inner mongrel.  Especially when your annual budget is slightly less than the monthly expenses budgets of some of the other guys.

The only rational option for launching the new Skins 400 Series was to deliberately court publicity by creating an impactful emotional statement around the core benefit that would build on the Effectiveness Gold Pinnacle winning launch campaign and continue to ruffle some feathers.

Through compression technology, the Skins 400 Series supplies more oxygen to your muscles, giving the wearer a competitive edge. And so was born the Cheat Legal campaign which rolled out across 19 countries and helped Skins become slightly less of an Underdog.

The TV and pre-roll ad can be seen here

Project details

Client: Skins

Tags: Branding, Design, Integrated, Outdoor, Photography, Print, Underdog

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