Shield your home from Cyclones with B&D

  • Garage Door post Cyclone Yasi - Source, the DavLin Rig

The challenge

When Cyclone Yasi struck in 2011, it left a trail of destruction in it’s wake. A James Cook University report into the tragedy called garage doors the ‘Achilles heel’ of modern homes – particularly in areas which are prone to severe storms. Concurrently, the Australian Building Code was amended, requiring new buildings constructed in cylone-prone areas to use wind-resistant garage doors.

In response to this, B&D, Australia’s leading manufacturer of garage doors and openers (and part of the wider Dulux Group) created the STORM-SHIELD door.

Unlike conventional Garage Doors, B&D’s STORM-SHIELD has been engineered to withstand cyclonic winds of up to 316km per hour! And, unlike many of its competitors that require braces to be manually installed in event of a storm warning – STORM-SHIELD doesn’t need these. Consequently, as soon as your STORM-SHIELD is closed, your garage is protected.



Project details

Client: B&D Doors & Openers

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