Man vs Nature’s Own

The challenge

Squeezed between one of the old trusted, been around forever stalwarts of the category in Blackmore’s and the new mega spending ‘if it runs, jumps, rides, drives or acts sponsor it’ upstarts in Swisse, Nature’s Own found itself in a tricky Underdog position.  Made all the more uncomfortable by a previous campaign that had been largely category generic.

The brand only really had ‘natural’ going for it, and while that was attractive in some ways, even this put it at odds with the potency that consumers were looking for.

So, we redefined the brand by adding science and potency;  ‘Nature’s power intensified by our science’.  And what better way to prove that the brand was a lot more than just nature than challenging the world’s best known survivalist – Bear Grylls – to try to pit his ‘extracting the best from nature’ skills against the combined nature and science of Nature’s Own.  And unusually for a celebrity, we were going to make sure that Bear came off second best!

Project details

Client: Nature's Own

Tags: Behavioural Change, Digital, Experiential, Integrated, Print, Underdog

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