Mapfre Home Emergency Repair Service pilot

  • 5pm Sunday 'Zero worries' billboard

The challenge

In Europe Home Emergency/Assistance packages are a large market. However, the idea is still pretty new in Australia.

Research clearly showed that three elements were critical to making the pilot a success for Mapfre:

  • Build some credibility around Mapfre – an unknown player in this market
  • Target the right audience; higher income, white collar, less ‘handy’, predominantly female decision makers
  • Build¬†the value proposition into something emotional to increase the low imperative to act; this should remind people of the potential pain, but talk to the positive emotions of feeling at ease

Partnering with Unity Water for the pilot gave Mapfre the immediate credibility of a well known and respected name and access to a large base of suitable homes, regular communincations to piggy back and a defined geographical area in which to manage their network of tradies.

Project details

Client: Mapfre Home Emergency Repair Service


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