Huawei – Australian brand/website launch

The challenge

You don’t get much more Underdog than an unknown – and even difficult to pronounce! – Chinese telco trying to sell handsets to a bunch of painfully self-conscious Millennials. So, how do you launch a unknown brand of mobiles to an audience that craves the stylish – and way more expensive – options of their older siblings and parents?

Our research showed that the underlying craving to upgrade to a new phone rather than a hand-me-down was the social media and application capabilities of newer smartphones.  With their significantly lower pricing, Huawei was bringing these capabilities to the masses – effectively democratising technology.  So these capabilities – and the handsets themselves became the stars of the show.

We also knew that getting our target to interact with the handsets blew away all the ‘unknown’ brand issues and massively increased purchase intent. Therefore we created an innovative website that delivered a much more interactive experience – including drawing directly from their social accounts – which won a prestigious Webby Award. We also created a ‘Found Phones’ treasure hunt with clues to locations of special free handsets delivered via Huawei’s social platforms.

Project details

Client: Huawei Mobiles

Tags: Branding, Design, Digital, Integrated, Outdoor, Print, Underdog

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