Do Good. It’s a simple thought. Rest Super

The challenge

The Royal Commission into the finance industry was pretty shocking. The brazen misdeeds clearly got ordinary people to question how ethically finance companies behave. Fortunately for Rest – a member owned Industry Super Fund – behaving ethically was home territory.

The challenge was to harnesss the totally reasonable decline in trust within the market in a way that didn’t point fingers – Aussies don’t generally like that – and transformed the great ethical instincts of Rest into something that could motivate members to stay with us. And we needed a platform that would continue to be relevant as the commission faded from public memory.

Identifying the real problem that people saw (the relentless pursuit of profits with no regard for customers) allowed us to settle on a strategic platform:

Do Good. It’s a simple thought.

Project details

Client: Rest Super

Tags: Digital, Integrated, Outdoor, Print, Radio, Social, TV

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