1stAvailable.com.au – just what the doctor ordered.

The challenge

Picture the following scenario. It’s Sunday evening and you’re sick. You felt it coming on, thought you’d shake it off – but you’ve succumbed. You can’t afford to be sick this week – of all weeks! You need to book an appointment with your doctor – or any doctor, but you can’t. You need to wait until 9am the next day, call the surgery and beg, plead, do anything you can to get an appointment!!

In this day and age, it’s a pretty archaic experience.

Enter 1stAvailable.com.au – a free online appointment booking platform that enables patients to search, find and book healthcare appointments instantly, at any hour of the day including when the practice is closed. What’s more, it helps healthcare providers fill empty appointment slots, frees up their front desk and increases continuity of care.

1stAvailable.com.au doesn’t have a marketing department. Instead, they lean on us to advise on matters such as customer acquisition, UX, UI and, of course, marcomms.

Project details

Client: 1stAvailable

Tags: Behavioural Change, Customer Loyalty, Design, Digital, Web

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