Helping challengers and underdogs take a bigger bite out of their competition

Who doesn’t love a challenger?

The feisty upstart taking on the bigger, stronger adversary. The winning against-the-odds challenger taps into something deeply human.

But it’s also a powerful lesson.  Because no matter how improbable victory might seem, it’s always creative thinking that prevails.

Mr. Wolf was conceived to champion challenger brands.

By challenging convention, pushing boundaries, and defying the odds, we help challenger brands take a bigger bite out of their competition.

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It’s challenging being a challenger.

To rattle the category you need to take risks – calculated ones – but risks nevertheless. And the stakes are much higher when you don’t have the deep pockets of your competitors to allow for failure. When you’re betting the house, you want to make sure you’re getting the right advice. But accessing (and affording) the best brains isn’t easy. And even if you do, rarely will these people commit with the same level of passion and enthusiasm as you.

We get it. We’re a challenger too. And that’s why we structured our entire business around resolving these problems:

What makes us different?


Strategy first. Always.

Without a great strategy you’re throwing rocks in the dark. Sure, occasionally you’ll luck out and hit something, but it’s not repeatable and hardly the approach Boards are happy to invest in. Therefore everything starts with defining the right strategy. It’s how we maintain a strict agenda of effectiveness, and preserve the integrity of the creative work.

Right brains @ right time

It takes a village to raise a fully integrated campaign these days, but that can make things prohibitively expensive. So we pull together bespoke teams of the right thinkers for each brand or task.
This keeps us agile and responsive. It also ensures our clients have affordable access to a diverse range of global collaborators

Reducing the risk

We apply the latest, proven techniques from behavioural economics and decision science to remove more of the uncertainty.
This provides reassurance in what can otherwise be a very subjective process.


We eat when you eat

Everything changes when you have a stake in a business. We like to have ‘skin-in-the-game’ and link our destiny to the success of our clients.
This commitment keeps us focused, efficient and hungry. Just like you.


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Here’s a selection of work created both at Mr.Wolf and in previous agencies.


What we do

We’re a full service creative agency that blends leading-edge consumer psychology, creativity and technology to help challenger brands take a disproportionate share of their category.  
Our expertise lies across the following disciplines:



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