Deceive your intuition

When an ad is direct enough to tell you to ‘pay attention’, there’s no doubt some ad-trickery at play.  And in this clever piece of content from Skoda, there most certainly is.


The simple act of directing the viewer’s concentration solely to to the car, effectively forces System 1 to activate System 2. As a result, System 1 completely misses a whole raft of relevant context that ordinarily it would have picked up.

Of course, this technique isn’t new. Transport for London adopted a similar technique for cyclist awareness some years ago. And this, in itself, was based on research into intuition deception by Simons and Chabris.

However, the success of this content idea spawned a sequel that was equally successful – in terms of shares, likes and message takeout:

The key learning here is that System 1 largely manages to tune out from advertising – unless something happens that truly engages, or trips System 2 into action – which is exactly what’s happening here.

Advertising that truly makes you think. Genius stuff.

Posted on 1 March, 2015 in Advertising, Content, System 1 and System 2

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