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“Show me the money”

  Source: www.worldpayzinc.com/tech-wealth/ Apart from slightly macabre joy of watching just how quickly big global companies rack up the dollars - quite a lot of them out of my own pocket! - this is a beautifully simple demonstration of the power of clever presentation when it comes to data. worldpayzinc.com have taken something that is outside of our normal ability to comprehend what it really means - like Apple generating $171Bn in sales in 2013 (apparently it's to do with having no readily available mental reference points for numbers of that scale) and made it tangible and accessible by showing us how much money the global uber brands are generating every second. And making the data more accessible allows us to see new things.  Like Google aren't anywhere near as dominant as I think of them.  And how much money and profit Microsoft is still generating.  Also how relatively small LinkedIn and Twitter remain as they struggle to fully monetise their offerings and how the decline of Sony is not only restricting revenue but also relative profitability - normally the strength of more aspirational brands. But the biggest thing this brings into focus for me is how well Samsung have done in turning around their underdog brand status.  Sure, they've still got some way to go in terms of profitability in comparison to Apple, but their clever products and marketing are generating 25% more revenue than Apple. Good work worldpayzinc...